Website updates! Fancy new heading/navigation font, some tweaked sizes and updated graphics. And I got rid of the dropdowns in the menu — they weren’t great for accessibility. Now you just go to the top-level pages and get links there to the sub-pages.

Also: I redid the social media links, to match the new arrangement on Leif & Thorn. The full set of icons is in the left sidebar, while the row under the menubar is reserved for “links that can directly pay the artist’s bills.”

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Sparrow: Be extra sparkly, Patrick!

Patrick: You don’t need to give me orders, Sparrow!

I have my own Master, and she let my last Master back into these fights, and they already had my last Master’s bossy daughter!

Miranda: Hey!

Cohen: Fair.

Jany: There they are!

. . . and we’re alone right now, but I would be very surprised if Blake doesn’t decide to “check in.”

Sparrow: If he does, how long can you keep him out? I can’t pop in right away. I need five minutes to run back to the hotel room.

Jany: I . . . yes, I can manage that. Why?

Sparrow: Because, in the immortal words of Jack Sparrow . . . no relation . . . who I’m sure will be a classic forever, and not get badly overplayed or soured by real-life terrible behavior in the next, say, seven years . . .

. . . “I’ve got a jar of dirt.”