I’m doing a December talking meme, so if there’s anything you’ve always wanted to hear me expound on (directly related to But I’m A Cat Person or not), comment there with a date and a prompt! (If you’re not logged in, please sign your name to the comment.)

Sparrow: This sure is . . . a thing.

Camellia: It’s cute! But, Reseda — enough.


Patrick: I would’ve won that if I had tried.

Sparrow: That’s all I need! I can go pick her up right now.

Camellia: Can you? That would be amazing.

Sparrow: Also, I have a mini flashlight, and a little thing of sidewalk chalk! I was thinking I’d scrawl some nonsense on the walls. So if Walker does look in — or, you know, has her Being do the looking — they’ll see a red herring.

Camellia: Uh . . . It sounds clever, but this is a small enclosed space — and since Beings don’t need to breathe, I don’t know if there’s . . .

Sparrow: Ahhh. So maybe I’ll just be in-and-out, and not waste my oxygen.

Camellia: That sounds prudent, yeah.