Jany: Having to sneak around Walker to help you means I’ve gotten a little better at acting. And at pretending to be confident. But I’m so tired of doing that. I can’t wait until it’s safe to just admit that I quit — once you change the Contracts of Blake and Ilsa so they can’t come after us. And change Kara Lynn’s, so she’ll never suffer again from not getting to fight enough.

This is not how I planned for things to go! I got into academia because it was supposed to be safe and boring and not have anything significant happen!

. . . no offense!

Köhler: None taken. I joined it for much the same reasons.

Miranda: Okay, so trying to avoid any risk by finding a safe place to hide hasn’t worked out for you. But it took a lot of guts to move your whole life across an ocean to do that in the first place. I probably could find a way to use you in our Being-research division . . .

Jany: Oh, uh — I wasn’t hinting, I —

Miranda: Let me finish.

Pretend for a second that there’s gonna be equal risk no matter how you choose. What do you want to do?