Jany: I want to be able to just sit around and relax and watch anime all day.

. . . I do want to go back to the UK. Your country is ridiculous. No off–

Miranda: Don’t even try to apologize for that one.

Jany: Other than that, I . . .

I might want to go to uni after all? But I want a nice basic job, to hold me over, until I figure out for what!

If you need holdover money — they do have TV in your country. And you have months’ worth of research on the possibilities of Kara Lynn’s shapeshifting. I can help you find a trustworthy agent. Pitch it to any show with no CGI budget that wants dragons. Or lizard-women from the dawn of time. Or charismatic talking geckos . . .

. . . wait, you do have access to your own research, don’t you?

One plan later:

Miranda: Or you could move Boston long enough for me to duplicate all those tests —

Jany: NO. I want to move home. If this is what it takes, I’m in.