Suburbs of Boston: Bianca and Sparrow’s apartment.

Bianca: I still went to work — can’t afford not to — but I figure, at a library, the biggest risk is that Patrick calls a challenge while I’m holding some heavy books. And I’m not cooking tonight. Or anything else that could go really bad if my focus was totally interrupted.

I’ve been zapped into battle-space without warning twice already . . . I never appreciated how much of a hassle this must be for Sparrow!


Oh, geez, it’s a good thing neither of us has a car.

Emma: Do you want me to come over? I can drive you places if you need it. And if you lose track of a conversation mid-sentence, I’ll get why.

Also: I could cook something for you!

Bianca: Oh, that’s fine . . . I have a microwave dinner that’s almost done . . .

Emma: Well, then, how about if I just come over and

violetbauble: r u likely 2 start any battles in the next hr or so?
ace_and_time: I think we’re done for the night
ace_and_time: You can take a shower if you want, it’s safe
violetbauble: yeah
violetbauble: that too