Patrick: Whatever you’re thinking, it’s wrong! I have been fine this whole time, and not incapacitated at all! My Master just wasn’t interested in having a battle with you.

Walker: Of course. That sounds perfectly plausible. You know, I’ve been mentoring the Master of the Dragon for a while . . . After our fight, I don’t suppose you’ll have any problem offering those two a rematch?

Patrick (thinking): Wait — is Walker supposed to know we had an ur-match? What else does she know about —

Cohen: Sounds delightful. Patrick? Tell the lady it’s delightful.

Patrick: — Oh! Y-yes. It is.

Walker: Also — don’t you think you’re being a bit rude? Here I am, with my backup sitting right out in the open, and you’re acting as if you don’t even have any.

Cohen: . . . You caught me. I’ll call them in.