This strip had an entire last-minute panel replacement — keep an eye on the behind-the-scenes tag on Patreon, I’m starting with “rejected sketches from pre-2011” and working my way up to “deleted scenes from 2019.”

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Walker: So that’s why I haven’t met with the Raven in so long, either.

Did your father —


Walker: No, excuse me. Of course not. You got him for yourself.

I ought to be able to tell these things — I had my own experience with a father who got far too much credit. People would believe that all my achievements were propped up by him. Even long after his death. When in fact, anything I wanted or needed, I got because I fought for it. Fiercely. On my own.

The next time zone over.

Emma: Hey, babe, I brought in your mail!

Bianca: Thanks, Emma . . . I’ll look at it later. There’s supposed to be a battle any time now, and it’s really weird to end up in an imaginary dimension holding something you’ve only half-read.

Emma: Will it help if I read them to you? This one says you may already be a winner!

Bianca: Aww — you know where the recycling is, right?

Emma: . . . oh, hey. Looks like this one’s from your landlord.