Patrick: Who was that?

Sparrow: Your Master. She misses you, but she’s doing fine.

Patrick: Oh, good. And have you heard from Timothy? He and Reseda are both recovering from things . . . maybe we should’ve stayed with them after all . . .

Sparrow: Don’t worry, Patrick . . . if anyone can take care of themselves, it’s those two.

Reseda: So this is where you’ve been living without me, huh, boss?

Timothy: Don’t worry, it’s cat-friendly. I checked.

[Reseda in “guy mode” for taking a bus home at night.]

Reseda: Whoa!

Timothy: Remember, it’s only a sublet — the furniture and everything isn’t ours.

Reseda: Still, just the space — it ‘s huge! This is on your “employee housing stipend ” from Miranda, right? Must be twice as big as the hole-in-the-wall we had back in Boston.

Timothy: It is, but . . .


The difference in midwestern rents is amazing.

Even after the “mission stipend” ends, we could afford to just stay in Chicago.

. . . I might want to just stay in Chicago.