This page and the previous one are gonna fit next to each other so neatly in print.

…in other news, these pages keep coming late because I’ve been seriously tired and unable to focus lately. Would really love to talk to a doctor about upping my antidepressants, but my Medicare approval has been pending for 6 months now.

I called them in March and was informed that I needed to submit some tax documents, got confirmation in April that the documents been received, got a letter in May saying I needed to…submit some tax documents. Took multiple phone calls and 2.5 hours on hold to speak to someone who could explain that they needed different tax documents, which weren’t specified in the letter.

This stupid country, I swear. Universal healthcare when.

Miranda: I admire your level of success and achievement, Ms. Walker. I really do. And you guessed right — I got Poe all on my own. But we’re not that much alike. And . . . more importantly . . .

. . . my dad is way less terrible than yours. He works with me. It’s not just “propping me up.” We’re stronger together.

In fact . . . how would you like a practical demonstration?

Bianca: It’s probably no big deal. Some notice about repairs they’ll be doing in the building. Or the rent is going up next year.

Anyway, apartment news is something I need to talk about with Sparrow. So there’s no rush to look at it before she even gets back.

. . . but what if we got reported for having a Being and they’re kicking us out or Walker figured us out and bought the property or there’s arsenic in the walls and they’re tearing down the whole —

Emma: Bee!

It’s gonna be okay. Whatever it says in here — you’ll get through it. We’ll figure it out. I’ll help.