Walker: What kind of “practical demonstration,” exactly? Unless you hired a flash mob to break into a pop-up Daddy-Daughter Dance . . .

Miranda: I was thinking a team-up fight. How about it, Dad?

Cohen: Walker’s Being and the Wolf, fighting both of our Beings together? Two on two? I like it.

. . . Assuming they’re up for challenging each other, without all the Masters on the field.

Emma: You’re worried about Patrick as much as anything, right? It’s weird — I was looking forward to spending time alone with you. With your Being out-of-state, so you didn’t even have to think about him.

And I was a little afraid you’d do nothing but obsess over Patrick anyway. Until I had to face the fact that you don’t have room in your life for anything else.

Bianca: Emma, I —

Emma: No, I’m saying, I was wrong! He’s coming up, and it’s okay, because he’s an important part of your life. You’re a reasonable amount of worried about him. And — it turns out — so am I! Whatever happens — whatever you need help with — I’m in.