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Patrick and Tiernan pins

Walker: Interesting. Of course, if you lose, I expect a full recounting of why you’ve really approached me, what you’re doing in this city, and how you’ve been interfering with Beings not your own.

Cohen: That’s a long list. What if I just agree to stop interfering with Beings not my own?

Walker: That is —

Cohen: Miranda would be bound by the same agreement, of course.

Walker: — quite reasonable.

Cohen: In return, naturally, if you lose, you’ll agree to do the same. It’s only fair.

Walker: Yes . . . I can agree to that.

Patrick: Under those terms —

Poe: — we challenge the two of you.

Blake: Under those terms —

Ilsa: — we accept!

Bianca: Okay! Okay — you know what? Go on and read the letter! Everything’s probably fine! And how bad could the timing be?

Emma: Oh — You’re being —