Kickstarter tier spotlight: the digital-only bundles!

So, hey, maybe pins aren’t your thing. That’s cool.


Are you a fan of But I’m A Cat Person and/or Leif & Thorn? Want to get a cameo for your OC, or pick up some ebooks, or commission a sketch of your favorite kitty/puppy/Pokémon/other critter TBA?

Ever thought about being a Patreon supporter, but haven’t taken the plunge yet — and maybe a one-time pledge would be easier anyway?

Take that plunge through Kickstarter. Treat yourself to the rewards you’ve been wanting, and help us hit our goal so the pins get made. It’s a win-win!

There’s a low-stakes $5 tier for “buy the artist a coffee” type backers, and a bigger $25 tier for “no, actually, give me All The Things” backers.

Available to unlimited backers, but only for one more week!



Patrick (thinking): This isn’t working — I can’t stay on top of Blake in the water!

Need to jump back and regroup —

— and I need to do it dry!