I’d been struggling with the pages these past couple weeks, then finally decided, screw it, I’m not gonna hit the endpoint I want before the 27-page cutoff. So forget the cutoff! It’s a special important chapter, it’s getting a special important pagecount.

Probably could’ve made it work if I saved some of the buildup at the beginning of this chapter for the aftermath in the next one. But oh well. Not gonna retroactively retool things now, just plunge forward with what I’ve got.

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Miranda: Messy.

Walker: If one’s clothes here are based on a mental image . . . how do mine look?

Cohen: Same as in reality. Sharp red suit, pearl jewelry.

Walker: It is red, then? To your eyes? Because it didn’t get that from me.

Cohen: Hey, that’s true. Could your Being’s senses be filling in the gaps?

Miranda: Or it’s just defaulting to reality when that hasn’t been contradicted. Do we know any Masters who can see some colors, but not all of them?

Sparrow (thinking): What are they talking about? I can’t hear over all the blasting and growling right above . . . Is it relevant to our plot?

Blake: rrr?

Sparrow (thinking): Uh-oh.