The Patrick & Tiernan pin Kickstarter ends TONIGHT — just before the stroke of midnight, US Eastern!

As of this edit, there’s less than $20 left to raise. A couple more $5 backers would push us over the edge. If you want both pins, you can singlehandedly be the hero. (Want just one pin? You can be most of the hero. Unless you’ll need international shipping, in which case you’ll be a hero with bells on.)

Here’s the link one more time. Go go go!


Blake: Ilsa! I need backup!



Blake: How did you get to Meggido?

Sparrow: Shhh! I’m here with your Master, don’t blow my cover —

Blake: You tried.

Boss! There was a mystery lady hiding over in the rocks. She’s got a Cohen color-coordinated outfit.

Sparrow: Okay, so that plan had some drawbacks.