So I have a new excuse for this page being late, and his name is Fluffy! (Full name TBD.)

…and he’s scared and shy and hasn’t deemed his litterbox safe to use yet, so I was kept busy with late-night cleanup. Poor little guy.

Reseda: Would you be okay living in this state, boss? I hear it’s not the most accepting place . . .

Timothy: My old job wasn’t the most accepting place. I told you how I got part-time work here to stay busy? Well, I started with the LGBT-friendly listings.

. . . which reminds me, I have to call and tell them I’m taking a few days off. “Scratched by a dog.” Doctor’s orders.

. . . obviously I won’t stay in the city if, uh, certain residents can’t be defanged. Maybe look for another oasis of acceptance the next state over.

Reseda: Sensible! Anything else we can do to help with that defanging?

Timothy: Aw, Reseda . . . you’ve already done more than enough. Maybe they’ll ask — but I think our part in the plan is over. It’s up to the rest of them now.

The rest of them, now.

Sparrow (Malachim): I will go be with my sister.