Protip: come up with your April 1 gag script earlier than “evening of March 31.”

Lineart version:

Köhler: My Being was brought into this country illegally, so there is no legal way for him to leave . . . and the Americans’ regulations for carrying birds on planes will be almost impossible to meet . . .

guess I’ll stay here forever

Timothy: That works perfectly! I could use someone to live with, who understands Beings and will help keep the rent down! From now on, we can be a . . .

Wacky Roommate Comedy

Timothy: If you Germans are so great at coming up with compound words, how come you don’t have a word for my gender?

canned audience laughter: hahahahaha!

Sparrow: So this is just the strip now, huh?

Miranda: Dad, listen up! I’ve got a GREAT show here that you’ve gotta put on your network NOW before it gets poached!