After tripping over my mouse’s USB cord one too many times, I finally sprang for a cordless model, which was used for the first time when I made today’s page.

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A few more spells later . . .

Miranda: Go ahead, give it a try.

Köhler: . . . I challenge you.

Miranda: I accept!

Köhler: . . . It really has ceased! This is incredible, Ms. Lake. Thank you — and your colleagues — for everything.

And, speaking of those colleagues . . . What has become of the, ah . . .

. . . woman scientist, who does linguistics research for Ms. Walker?

Miranda: You mean Henriette Gaillard, right? She’s covering the rest of the rescue.

Walker has two more Beings imprisoned in another facility, in a different state. Not the same kind of prisons, though. Dr. Gaillard was able to determine that they can be retrieved without magic.

As a Being-adjacent researcher with a valid Walker International ID, she can just talk her way in. She’s supposed to call us when she makes contact . . .

Hey, this is her now!

Doctor! Status report?

Gaillard: Well, the good news is . . . I found them.