Anyone want to place bets on what Henriette’s going to call her new Being…?

Köhler: Doctor, if you are fired — or if you decide it would not be safe to continue in Walker’s employ —

— would you consider moving your language research to Germany? I would be happy to sponsor your international work visa.

Gaillard: You. Would sponsor me.

Köhler: Yes.

Gaillard: You. Keith Köhler. The man who said my research was “not theoretically rigorous.”

Köhler: I said it was theoretically rigorous! . . . admittedly, referring to the research done with your previous name.

Gaillard: What’s the catch?

Köhler: I, ah, do not know this English expression. What I know is that you are doing a great kindness here, at high risk to yourself. I want to help. In any way I can.

Gaillard: Well —

— Hold on, it’s coming closer.

It’s a mess, poor thing. Really lives up to the term “unshaped Being.” But hey, it can move. And it can see that I’m here. So . . .

I, Henriette Gaillard . . .