Posted a WIP clip of this strip on Twitter, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Cohen: So, wait . . . you didn’t . . . ?

Miranda: . . . have to manage a physical fight with someone in battlespace, even though we started off 500-some miles apart? Noooo. No, I dodged that bullet. Barely.

Poe: I’m sure you would’ve gotten the right direction, Mandy.

Miranda: It still could’ve taken days to get there! Without my phone or my music or anything!

Poe: You could’ve had me sing to you!

Cohen: . . . oh, hey, I was wondering how I could’ve missed that your “boyfriend” never said your name. But he gets around it with not-in-the-Contract nicknames. I feel better now.

Miranda: Yeah — I did that mostly as a misdirect for you. Though I wasn’t sure you’d be paying attention. Poe, we can drop that order now.

Cohen: I know there’s still a lot I haven’t noticed . . . but I am paying attention. I promise.