Q. When a Being’s parts break down, does their matter become a specific composition of dirt? While these days, shipping dirt all over the place is an economy in itself, it seems like it might be possible for a dedicated researcher to narrow down their source of origin from there.

As a codicil, would Ann be able to discern if that loam’s legit?

A. A Being breaks down into whatever kind of dirt/clay it was originally made from. And Walker has definitely investigated samples of all the Beings she’s…uh…worked with. But if she investigates this particular pile, she’ll find it has a really mixed/random composition, and hypothesize that that’s just what happens once a Being is fully decomposed.

Q. Whatever was the result of that experiment where Cohen chopped off Patrick’s head to see which part grew back? 

A. The larger part grew back.

Q. Must Beings turn into adult versions of their animal forms? Can Cub become a real cub, and can The Cat, turn into a kitten? 

A. We’ve seen kitten!Reseda before! And tiger-cub Blake, and of course Patrick is regularly described as a puppy.

Q. Can The Dove become a pigeon (doves are basically white species of pigeons) or is The Pigeon a separate Being?

A. I believe the Dove can become a pigeon, yes.