The guard with a speaking part is a cameo from Simone Spinozzi, as a reward for backing the mini pin Kickstarter! (All of those are drawn now, just in time to award a new batch to backers of the latest Leif & Thorn print campaign…)

The other guards are literally just WhiskerCon Security different outfits.

What am I not looking at?

Cohen, his Being, and one other person in front of us. Unidentified person lurking in the bushes.

Two Beings in the pool, and I believe Ilsa bleeding out on the ground behind you, ma’am.

Close enough.

While Blake is reviving, I need you to — That is, you’re going to — Escort them and —

Oh, this cannot possibly be enforced. A battle-deal agreed to on entirely false pretenses? It’s preposterous!

Don’t worry, we won’t let it go to our heads. If anyone can figure out a way to rules-lawyer out of those terms, it’s you.

Oh, I fully intend to . . .

But in the meantime, I could set aside the Beings and simply tell the guards to shoot you.