This month’s wallpaper is out on Patreon! Featuring Poe as a feathery showoff.

In other news, SmackJeeves just had a major site redesign that broke all the links (among many, many other things). Here’s the new link to the BICP mirror. Give it some likes, won’t you?

In other other news…I changed the copy on the site to read “updates 2 pages a week” instead of “updates Mondays and Thursdays.” That’s still the goal, but this seems more honest.

Walker: Let go of me!

Cohen: You can’t do this!

Walker: And when did I agree to that?

Blake: Got the Rabbit taking bullets for him, and I count two others back there, all busy disarming our humans . . .

Walker: You never had me give up the right to do as I please with my own Being.

Sparrow: It’s not about whether you have the right to do it, it’s about whether doing it is right!

. . . huh, that’s catchy. Gotta try to remember it.

[Prepping a counter-attack, just in case]

Cohen: Walker, please, listen to me. If you disrupt your Being in a way you can’t fix — you WILL regret it.

Walker: . . . Is that what you did.