This chapter has been such a struggle to thread the needle between “no unrealistic eleventh-hour heel-face turns” and “nobody is allowed to do anything too soul-crushing.”


Cybele: It’s really okay, though! I’m out of the Game myself. So is . . . just about everyone they know who didn’t need to fight you today.

My Master didn’t want to trust Cohen with this at first, either. But he did, and look at me — I turned out just fine!

Walker (thinking): That sure sounds like the Rabbit. When Cohen’s supposed to have her locked up . . . and to not KNOW who the Master is . . .

He’s tipping his hand much too far! Whatever he wants to change about Blake, it must give him an astronomical advantage! If I don’t thwart them, I’ll never be able to trust my own Being again . . .

Sparrow: So, uh, I think maybe we shouldn’t call her bluff here.

Miranda: What — you mean back down? Like we came all this way to just give up?

Patrick: My Master would say . . . sometimes the best strategy in the long run is a thing called “choose your