Bianca: How to cure cancer. Wait, does that count as “one” question? Since there’s lots of different cancers? I’d ask about whichever one kills the most people.

Jany: You know those big unanswered math questions? The kind that have million-dollar prizes if someone can solve them? I’d ask one of those.

Sparrow: How to minimize the damage of climate change. Wait — we already know how to do that. How to convince people to minimize the damage of climate change.

Bennett: It would be, uh . . .

Bennett (thinking): Does Stu love me?

Bennett: . . . personal.

Timothy: If you’d asked me that a few years ago, I would’ve gone with “is there a God?” But now . . . I don’t think having that answer would make me happy either way, you know?

I’d rather ask for the best way to find my soulmate. — or rather, since I assume those don’t exist, somebody as close as humanly possible.