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Sparrow: . . . Can’t think of a better line than that to leave on. Freyde! C’mere.

Guard: Uh, boss, should we stop them from going? They disarmed us all, but we could . . . tackle them, maybe?

Miaranda: How about you back off, and we don’t report you to the real cops for shooting at my dad.

Walker: Guards . . . give our visitors a polite escort off the property. Then double the building security against anyone who looks like them. Or who fails the entry CAPTCHA.

Walker (thinking): You may have come out ahead today . . . but don’t let it go to your heads.

I’m already working on ways to retaliate. First off — I have no more doubt that the Rabbit’s Master is Cohen’s pompous “boyfriend.” If I can’t get any destructive leverage from a secret that big — why, I might as well retire.

Bennett: What are you talking about, Dr. Rosen? I already revealed my big secret! On live TV, even!

Rosen: Mr. Bennett, I refer to the secret apart from your previously poorly-hidden sexual orientation.

Bennett: Gosh, your accent is so thick, I didn’t catch that last part.