Look, I’m running out of Bennett scenes — this is my last chance to go full Colbert.

Bennett (thinking): This is it. Wish I could’ve talked to Stu one last time before the cameras roll . . . I hope he’ll be proud of me.

Bennett: Ladies and gentlemen . . . and, uh, whatever other genders liberals have invented recently . . . Our guest tonight is Dr. Tansy Rosen! For reasons that are about to become very clear.

Now, Dr. Rosen’s companion is not an animal, a CGI effect, or an out-of-season Christmas display. Although in my heart, every season is Christmas season. Isn’t that right?

Rosen: That’s right! This is my Unshaped Being. You’ve had a lot to say about them, I hear.

Lúthien: You can call me Lúthien!

Bennett: Does that come from something in your native language that I’m insensitive for not knowing?

Rosen: It comes from The Lord of the Rings. You’re fine.

Lúthien: But I am not just any Being! Not anymore. We came here tonight to unveil some new abilities to the world. I am now . . . an answering machine.

Bennett: Psst . . . you should know that means a thing in my native language.