Happy final update of 2019!

Lúthien: My code has been patched with the ability to acquire the Understanding and Knowledge of all things created. . . . Along with a robust series of safety protocols and privacy controls.

If you ask any question . . . and it has an objectively true answer . . . I can find that answer. If it passes the security checks, then I can also share it with you.

Bennett: What if I ask for the winning lottery numbers?

Lúthien: I don’t predict the future! Only report on the present.

Bennett: What’s my ex-wife up to right now?

Lúthien: Error 403. You don’t have permission to access this.

Bennett: What’s a big scam that hasn’t been caught yet, so I could break the story right now?

Lúthien: Phaser, Inc. is a Ponzi scheme.

Bennett: Never heard of it.

Lúthien: I know!

Bennett: How about this — tell me some things that would be of immediate benefit to viewers . . . but using only information that you’re able to share on live TV.

Lúthien: Bunny in Topeka — your credit card information was stolen today. Norville in Salem — your keys fell behind the dryer. Lowell in Duluth — that fund you’re considering is also a Ponzi scheme.