Really wish I had given Lúthien that donkey-style hair-ruff from her first appearance.

Oh well. Hindsight, as they say, is 2020.

Bennett: Okay, I don’t think we need to go through every individual viewer! Dr. Rosen — let’s skip to the part where you tell me about the answers you prepared before coming on tonight.

Rosen: Of course! Viewers at home may have already begun to see online rumors about the results in motion.

My afternoon was spent informing law enforcement about the locations of missing persons . . . medical researchers about treatments they should pursue, which I can get from Lúthien without asking for personal details on their patients . . . and financial authorities about details of large-scale corporate frauds and tax evasions.

Three of my friends suggested these as ways to establish Lúthien’s credibility. The more people come to trust her information . . . the larger the problems we can fix. Together.

Bennett: Are you worried at all about somebody deciding they need to protect their secrets . . . by murdering you? Say, one of these incredibly rare bad-apple rich people who do unethical things with their money?

Rosen: Mr. Bennett, I have no worries about rich people, murder, or apples.