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Lúthien: I am regularly doing scans for any plans to harm my Master. It is now literally impossible to catch her by surprise.

I’ve also done a bit of recon on her friends and associates, so on that note . . .

Bennett: Okay, okay! Don’t rush me. I, uh . . . Viewers, I was hoping I could save this for a point when the show needed a ratings boost, but . . .

. . . the truth is, for once, the internet forums guessed right — I have a Being of my own. I’ve been Master of the Rabbit for more than two years now.

I am owning up to it because I’d rather be arrested for the things I’ve had her do than blackmailed for them . . . Although, in deference to me being famous, I humbly request not to be arrested until this episode is over.

Walker: wHAT

Phone, get me Karen Park. She’s retired, so there’s no reason she’d be busy . . .

Park? It’s Walker. I know it’s early for our regular meetings, but I could use a private chat. And a bit of stress relief. When are you next available for a battle?

. . . what do you mean, never?