Evening — a call between two cities.

Bianca: Hey, Patrick! Is everyone with you? How did it go?

Patrick: Hi! I think we won!

We split up — I’m at Timothy’s place. You could probably tell by how I’m Skyping from Timothy’s phone.

Timothy: There was a successful jailbreak of the last two kidnapped Beings. Miranda’s rendezvousing with Dr. Gaillard to patch their Contracts.

And while Reseda and Kara Lynn were providing backup for the flashy distracting shapeshifter fight . . . Jany and I snuck around and packed up all her stuff. Also — gave away the phone Walker got her.

We’re getting her on a flight back to the UK first thing in the morning. With the help of my — uh — friend! A work friend. I trust her. She’s already been good about my gender . . . stuff. And on a practical note, she has a car.

Bianca: “First thing in the morning” . . . so is your Trustworthy Work Friend With A Car staying there overnight?

Timothy: Shhh! Not yet.