New on Patreon: early BICP sketches, going back to 2010!

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This chapter, like the last one, is running long. But your artist will be on a family vacation over the holiday weekend — so the next page will be posted on Thursday.

Bianca: The landlords are renovating the whole building! So we’re all being kicked out as soon as our leases are up.

. . . and I won’t be apartment-hunting with you this time because I am moving in with my girlfriend!

Sparrow: Really?! You and Emma are going for it? That’s so exciting! I’m really happy for you! I —


I’m gonna miss you so much!

Bianca: We’ll be in the same city! It’s not like we can’t still see each other!

Sparrow: Then how come you’re crying, huh?

Bianca: Because I’m gonna miss you so much!