…it’s almost a shame I still have a bit of wrap-up to do, because this could be a really nice shot to end on.

Bianca: And, Sparrow, once you get home . . . I want you to be the one to edit out Patrick’s battle-code.

Sparrow: You don’t want to stay in the Game a while longer? There’s still a lot to explore there . . . and it doesn’t really hurt them . . .

Bianca: Maybe not. But I don’t want him there. And when a Master’s desires clash with a Being’s hard-coded needs . . . that does really hurt them. It might be the only thing that ever has.

We can’t give them full-on free will, so we can’t write them out of needing Masters. The best we can do . . . is to make the rest of their coding as smooth and friendly as possible.

Besides! Aren’t you ready for some of us to start exploring the stuff they get to do next?