Patreon news: This month’s backer-exclusive wallpaper stars BICP’s major Beings, in spooky fashions that I might not buy, but sure had fun drawing:

Kickstarter news: With 48 hours left to go, the Leif & Thorn Volume 2 campaign has reached 100% of its goal! Can we top last year and get 110%?

Miranda: . . . how would I be guaranteed that answer? Is this about the Fourth Pentacle of Mercury?

Rosen: It is only a hypothetical scenario. An invitation to “brainstorm” ideas.

Miranda: Well, then, why do I only get one question? I can think of a lot more ideas if I get two.

Are there any other limits? Are we playing by genie rules?

Rosen: I — slow down. What are these “jeanny rules”?