Aww, look at Patrick, being the self-esteemy one.

Didn’t even plan it this way, but you get chapter 30 page 30 on the 30th.

United Kingdom.

Jany: I’ve been . . . really insecure, about a lot of things, and I think I took that out on other people? A bit.

There’s still some jobs I won’t have Kara Lynn do, but that’s because of my feelings — it doesn’t have to mean they’re gross or wrong for everyone. Unless they’re kidnapping jobs.

Naresh: Sounds very fair, little sister. And the BBC is pitching the kind of jobs you will have her do?

Jany: That’s right! You’ll come with me to the meeting, won’t you? I think I want to bring an adult.


Dr. Gaillard: Thanks for the visa help, Dr. Köhler. I’d like you to meet . . .

Porcupine: You can call me Colette!

Dr. Köhler: A pleasure, Dr. Gaillard and Colette. Welcome . . . to Heidelberg.

Back to the US.

I could’ve carried my Master’s couch to the curb by myself, if I had to.

Okay, but . . . you know you can relax about that stuff now, right? You have a new Master who will love you — no matter what.