You can tell it’s the final pages because (a) here we are in the future, and (b) we’ve gone into full-on Callback Mode.

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Freyde (narrating): I’ve never broken the fourth wall before . . . but somebody needs to handle this closing.

I’m called Freyde. For years now, my Master has been with a company that advances scientific knowledge, converts power sources to clean renewable energy, and generally helps the world’s most vulnerable people.

I protect her from anyone who has a problem with that. (Somehow, people do.)

On paper, it’s all directed by her half-sister Miranda . . . but Master is pretty much her own boss. And to prove it, here’s what she’s doing today . . .

Buying a legal stream of a show she used to pirate — like a boss!

Tipping the driver of her solar-powered rideshare — like a boss!

Getting a suit fitted for her best friend’s wedding — like a boss!

And now, taking a meeting for Cohen Being Research, like . . .

Sparrow: You see anybody like you around?

Freyde: Yes — by that vending machine.

Master: Are you kidding me right now?? That was my last dollar! Give me the soda!

Being: I could break it open, maybe?

Sparrow: Recent graduate, right? Here, use this to get another. My treat.