…No prizes for guessing how Sparrow’s going to finish that line.

Next page is the Last One. Not the last BICP update — you’re still getting a Valentine’s Day thing and an anniversary thing and at least one more book release — but the last page, of the last chapter.

Speaking of book releases…anyone interested in a But I’m A Cat Person omnibus edition? I’m thinking three volumes, bigger art, more bonus features from the online archives — plus maybe a fancy slipcase and some of those little attached ribbon-bookmarks.

And we’d call it the Master’s Edition, because obviously.

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New Master: Sorry, I meant to show up earlier and grab a drink before you got here . . .

Sparrow: Don’t even worry about it!

At least you weren’t trying to travel before all the bus schedules got their Omniscient Maximum-User-Friendliness Redesigns. So — you’re looking to take your Being out of the Game, huh?

Bennett (on TV): So it turns out we all needed to just chill about immigrants and poor people and LGBT people and the Rapture! I have specific tips on how to Relax about each of these topics in my new book . . .

TV caption: UP NEXT: Inspector Spacetime & the Lizard Woman from Mars

New Master: I think so! I know the Beings who’ve been out for years are doing great. They get to go out and be magic oracles, or indestructible first responders, or Instagram stars . . .

. . . but Hobbes says her last Master refused to do it?

The Tiger: It was very important to her at the time!

Freyde: Ohhh, we remember.

Sparrow: Think about how much overlap there usually is between “things that are good for the world” and “things that are important to rich white people.”

New Master: . . . Good point.

Sparrow: And besides — with me, the Tiger will be in the best possible hands!