I guess this would be a good time for some end credits, huh.

(Don’t leave yet, though — you don’t want to miss the post-credits bonus scene.)

Thanks to my family for their invaluable support. Especially my parents, who’ve helped pay off my student loans and bought at least one copy of everything I’ve ever worked on.

Thanks to creators like Kohta Hirano, Naoko Takeuchi, and Stephen Colbert for the amazing creative inspiration. (Anyone who hadn’t noticed the influence in the comic before, I’m sure you will now.)

There’s been a lot of misery and political backsliding in the world over the years this comic was published. Thanks to everyone who’s out there fighting it. As both Hillary Clinton and the second Care Bears movie tried to tell us: we’re strongest when we’re all together.

And a special thanks to all the readers, sharers, commenters, retweeters, fanart-drawers, and Patreon supporters of But I’m A Cat Person. Whether you commented on the latest update to say you just binge-read the whole archive, or you’ve been with us on this journey since page one, or anything in between — you’re all wonderful people, and I couldn’t have done this without you.

Sparrow: In this house we love and support every type of Being there is . . . but I’m still mostly a cat person.