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Q. Do most people think Beings can harm humans?

A. Although their specific limits aren’t widely known, most people think of Beings as nothing to be afraid of.

Q. You’ve already mentioned beings are killable. What kind of Nazi insanity did it take to find out you could actually finish a being for good?

A. Buckets of it. Plus a singleminded determination to the goal, which involves a serious lack of empathy.

Q. What is the purpose of the game? Where was it first played? Why the emphasis on intensely public battles using such powerful creatures?

A. That last one is kind of like asking “why the emphasis on the Frisbee?” in a game of Frisbee. For as long as they’ve existed, Beings have been fighting each other. At some point somebody started calling it the Game, and the name stuck, to be passed down through the ages.

Q. Can Beings turn into anything or do they have a set thing? Or is it like, they have a set thing that’s simple to turn into but they can learn more its just really difficult?

A. Each Being has a basic animal form, and can turn into variations on that form. For instance, Cybele’s appearance as a giant pink rabbit is a variation on her basic appearance as a normal-sized (but still pink) rabbit.