Patrick: . . . and I am not aware of any unicorns ever having existed. You are a very affectionate human.

Kid: I’m not a human! Well, I mean, I am, but my headmates are a killer whale and a black hole.


Dotan: He says there are no unicorns.

Kid: No, he says he’s never met one! That’s different!

Kid: My turn!


Kid: Isn’t he cuddly?

Kid: Hey, puppy . . .

Tina: Patrick!

Kid: About this “Master” thing.

How absolute is it? Like, what if they hurt you or something?

Patrick: It isn’t my place to question what my Master does. To do so would mean I . . . didn’t love them enough. We are unworthy. How can we talk back to them?

Kid: Hmmph.

Tina: Aww, Patwick, I think you’re vewwy worthy! Do you like being a dog? What’s your favorite form?

Patrick: A form is a form. Any kind of dog or human my Master likes will do.