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Washington D.C., a few days after the capture of Cybele . . .

Photographer: Mr. Bennett! If you could turn a little to the left —

Bennett: Madam, I will not! My principles are firm, and I will not be baited by “gotcha questions” from the liberal photo industry!

Assistant: Congressman, it doesn’t make it any easier to powder your face when you’re shouting like that.

Representative Arthur Bennett (R-MA)

Bennett (thinking): I don’t have time to cater to these people. I’m a busy man. I have to revise campaign speeches, memorize talking points . . .

Cut deals on bills . . . personally stamp my signature on a ton of form letters to constituents . . . Decide what to order when major donors take me out for dinner . . . Cybele will just have to sit tight until I can find the time to rescue her. She’ll understand, I’m sure. She’ll be fine . . .

Representative Karen Park (D-MA)

Park: Arthur. We need to talk.