Walker: How long do you want to stay here? Any big projects you need to get ahead on?

Park: Let’s not wear out our welcome. This place is . . . unsettling.

Walker: Oh?

Park: Maybe it’s different for you. But to me . . . the light is all wrong.

And you never see the sun.

It’s as if “Meggido” is a place that doesn’t have one.

And on that charming note, back to Washington . . .

Driver: . . . Do I get a tip?

Bennett: “To remove tough fabric stains, use a paste made of baking soda and water.”

Bennett (thinking): Takes days to get down to D.C. . . . insists on meeting at a restaurant instead of the office . . . And now it turns out the restaurant is at his hotel? I can’t tell if Cohen’s jerking me around, or coming on to me.