Cohen: Any updates on the Being? Has it switched songs yet?

Dr. Lopez (phone): Yes . . . But I think it’ll be on this one for a while.

Cybele: This is the song that never ends! Yes, it goes on and on, my friend!

Lopez: Couldn’t you have taken care of it before you left?

Cohen: No. We hold off until we see how my meeting with the Congressman goes.

Lopez: Of course.

When is that, by the way?

Cohen: Five minutes ago. And I’m sure he’ll survive a few more.

Bennett: How many times do I have to tell you vultures? No comment!

Waiter: Sir, I’m your server.

Bennett: . . . Oh. In that case, yes, more bread.

Bennett (thinking): Cohen just had to pick a bar full of D.C. reporters. And the price of their cocktails is practically theft! Cybele had better appreciate what I’m putting up with for her sake.

Cohen: Arthur Bennett, I presume?

Bennett: There you are! Are you always this late to meetings? It’s no wonder your TV network is only the fifth largest in the nation.