Cohen: Sorry to keep you waiting. I wanted the most up-to-date information on the Rabbit before we sat down to discuss her.

Bennett: Mr. Cohen, on behalf of all the citizens of Massachusetts, I would like to thank you for volunteering your time and resources to subdue this dangerous–

Cohen: Spare me the rhetoric. Most of what it’s done so far is singing.

Cybele (Bennett’s imagination): Swing low, sweet char-i-ot . . .

Bennett: Singing?

Cohen: Singing.

Cybele (Cohen’s imagination): 839 bottles of beer on the wall, 839 bottles of beer!

Bennett: Well! I’m sure that must be . . . annoying, at least. You’re probably eager to get it in custody of somebody else. And would look to support a bill that–

Cohen: No, not really.

Bennett: . . . Then are you getting something out of it? Information, or . . .

Cohen: Mr. Bennett, I realize that voters have short attention spans, but she does not.

None of us know how long she’s really existed. Longer than your religion — and that’s the low estimate. You can’t set yourself against her wishes and expect to win in three days. It would set a world record if you did it in a decade.