Bennett: With all due respect, Ms. Walker . . . either you are unfamiliar with my politics, or you’re deliberately mocking them. A proud conservative would never ask the government to subject sapient creatures to potential torture for the sake of experiments! That sort of disgraceful, unregulated conduct —

— should be left in the capable hands of the free market!

Walker: Okay, you’ve swayed me!

Bennett: . . . Really?

Walker: Yes, most definitely. I look forward to a bill that puts those rights where they belong — in the hands of big business.

(Labels for Walker: Big Business Owner; Experiments On Beings)

Bennett: . . . Oh. Yes, you would, wouldn’t you.

. . . Not that it matters to me, but doesn’t it bother you at all to say things like this? With your Being right next to you?

Walker’s Being: Why should it? It isn’t as if my Master is going to break the law. Or do anything else to put me in danger.