Miranda: Sure, yeah, I’d love the ex-Congressman. Because that is famously everyone’s favorite Christmas gift. A fruitcake.


Cybele (thinking): My nose is twitching . . . somebody must be talking bad about the boss.

Miranda: . . . Are you serious about giving me the Being research division?

Cohen: Ah, sure. Whythehell not? Gonna blow off college, you gotta have somethin’ to do. Between foolin’ around with whatsisface. Hey, is whatsisface inna school?

Miranda: W-what? Of course Poe’s in school. And so am I!

Cohen: Don’t gimme that!

I may be old and Jewish, but I can still look this stuff up on th’ Interwebs. Classes are back on. You oughta be in Arizona — or Alabama –wherever it was — but here y’are.

You’re plenty smart. Got two smart parents. Usedta get good grades, even! So what happened? Your mom —

— would be so ashamed —