Timothy: . . . Really?

Sparrow: Well, sure! I do have some affinity for Beings, right? Even if it’s not as deliberate as we pretended.

Maybe it’s a good thing Patrick let Miranda figure out the truth.

Maybe she’ll be more chill if she doesn’t think of us as a threat. And if we can catch her in a helpful mood . . .

Miranda: Go to bed, Dad. You’re drunk.

Sparrow: It could happen! You never know!

The thing is, this girl has power. I’ve seen her pin Patrick in place with a couple of words. Bianca’s seen her vanish into thin air.

Was she born with that in her blood, or did she work up to it with practice? And given what I seem to have without even trying . . .

. . . if I put some real work into it, how far d’you think I could get?