Jany: You’ll take a work visa as ID, right?

And nobody else is allowed to look at what books I check out, or what else I do with my account . . . ?

Sparrow: Look, I’ll be honest, I’m not gonna make it to Zimbabwe. Even for a rescue mission.

Jany (typing):
Search: Beings
Search: Bearded Vulture
Search: Near Eastern History professor Heidelberg University
Search: how do I tell if a conspiracy theory is true

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Sparrow: But maybe there’s dangerous stuff closer to home that I could help out with?

It’s not like I’m doing anything else with my life. I was helping with a campaign, but it’s over. I have a job, but not one with, you know . . . security. Or healthcare. Or a pension plan.

And Mom did always say she’d be happy to take in my stuff if I wanted to travel! . . . so, okay, I’m pretty sure she was thinking of a Birthright trip. But we’re not so Jewish that she’ll be heartbroken if I do something else.