Bianca: Okay. See you soon, Timothy.

Emma: Wait, isn’t this Camellia? Or is that a drag name? What pronouns do I use . . . ?

Bianca: He’s, um, I think “bigender” is the word? Sometimes a “she”, sometimes a “he” . . . and really needs the space in his life to do both.

But it’s safest for him if you default to “Timothy” and “he” when he’s presenting as male. Or when you can’t tell. He works for a church, and they’re not exactly trans-friendly.

Emma: And his Being — the Cat — fights with Patrick sometimes, right?

Patrick: That’s right! It’s just for exercise. It’s not a contest! We’re not tracking who wins.

Emma: I didn’t ask…

Do you mind not fighting while I’m here?

Sparrow: It’s not like you’d notice. The fights take place in hammerspace . . . and, I guess you’d call it, hammertime. The only ones affected are the Masters, their Beings . . .

. . . and certain roommates at the most inconvenient times.

(Sparrow: Toto, I don’t think we’re in the StuffMart anymore.)

Bianca: Sorry! We’ve been trying really hard to stop scheduling them when you’re at work!