Timothy: Hi, Bianca! This is your place? I like the Christmas decorations still up.

I brought soup ingredients! It’s vegetarian — not vegan. I forgot to ask if any of you had allergies, but I can change it on the fly if I need to.

Sparrow: No allergies here.

Emma: I’m vegetarian, but not vegan, too, so this sounds great!

Bianca: Aw, you don’t have to cook!

Sparrow: Bianca, shh! Don’t ruin this for us!

Emma: I’m Emma. You must be the Cat?

Reseda: Call me Reseda!

Emma: How did you meet Timothy?

Reseda: Ooh, I can’t say.

Emma: So, um . . . what can you talk about?

Reseda: I can tell you why canned food drives are a huge waste and you’re much better off donating cash directly?