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Q. If a Being’s master shared a name with somebody, would they be able to say their name? So for example, if a Being’s master is named “John Smith” (and this is the name they signed he contract with), if there was another person called called John Smith, would the Being be able to say their name? How would they refer to them?

A. The Being wouldn’t be able to say the other John Smith’s name either, and would have to come up with some kind of workaround. For instance, Patrick could refer to George Washington as “George” or “the first President” or “the guy on the one-dollar bill.”

Q. If, as a master, you were to trade/exchange one Being for another (ignoring that this breaks Contracts), such that you are now the master of a different Being, and if you ignore the physical “preferences”/limitations of the specific Beings (ex what forms they can take), once the new Being got used to you/how you think, would you notice any difference in the behaviour of the new Being compared to the old one (assuming your needs/desires haven’t changed)?

A. Different Beings would turn out slightly different even with identical Masters and circumstances. They all have their own “base temperament,” related to their animal form — for instance, the Dog will tend to being more emotionally expressive than the Lizard.

To go with another computing-related analogy, imagine the Master’s desires are a program, and the Beings are different machines with slightly different specs — one might have more memory, another might have a better graphics card, and so on. The software will run a little differently on each because of the hardware differences.